Der Büffel

Function ENG


For the repair of burrowing damages, caused by wild roars on fields, meadows and green spaces.  

  • Speed-independent working due to PTO drive
  • Exact tool steering due to rugged chain drive
  • Simple and rapid chain tension
  • The milling drum levels the burrowed meadow parts

Ruffled surfaces are milled and leveled by the milling drum. Thereby excessing material is shredded and thrown back to the two cross augers. The following two crossing screws push the excessing material, schred it again and close the gaps.

A second crossing, in the same lane and in the opposite direction, is recommended. The broken down and devided meadow parts are put back and cover the dumpers again. Afterwards the pressing roller lightly compresses and levels the turf.
As the BÜFFEL does not leave any traces in the healthy turf, it has not to be lifted when crossing not damaged meadow parts.  Finally, we recommend a crossing with a meadow or Cambridge roller. The repeated pressing of the meadow parts ensures an ideal seed-soil contact.