Der Büffel

Operation ENG


The BÜFFEL is a rugged, powerful and high-performance device. It is perfectly applicable for the repair of burrowing damages, caused by wild boars on fields, meadows and green spaces. The healthy sward is not damaged by the BÜFFEL.

Our patented process and the absolutely soil-friendly working method guarantee a fast and safe regeneration of the green areas.

The milling drum scratches the ground backwards when driving forward.
2. Step
The first cross auger transports exzessive ground to the right side infront.

The second cross auger transports exzessive ground to the left side infront.

4. Step
The pressing roll compresses the thrown back material again.


With the BÜFFEL you drive from one damaged area to the other having the attachment mounted to the front or to     the back. As the BÜFFEL does not leave any traces in the healthy turf, it has not to be lifted when crossing not damaged meadow parts. Small damages can be quickly and easily repaired by short movements forwards and backwards.

The pressing roll as well as the augers shred and distribute the burrowed ground. The devided and distributed meadow parts are put back and cover the dumpers again. The pressing roller compresses and levels the turf.  

Finally, we recommend a crossing with a meadow or Cambridge roller. The repeated pressing of themeadow parts ensures an ideal seed-soil contact An advantage of the front mounting is that the burrowing damages are not passed over by the tractor before being cultivated by the BÜFFEL.

The best results are achieved with fresh damages within the first 4 weeks. The grass is still not killed and in most cases the rooted ground is still present. The situation is more difficult, if the ground has already been washed away by rain and snow.


Best results can be achieved by using the BÜFFEL if fresh burrowing damages are immediately processed. 



Here heavy burrowing damages had widly devasted a meadow. All damages had been rectified within a very short time and the ground could recover again.        




The same meadow part about 10 weeks later. No damages can be seen any longer.